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Project-Swadheen(Vocational Education)

Project Swadheen (meaning self-motivated) provides multi-skill vocational education and career guidance to young boys and girls from urban and rural communities as part of secondary and higher secondary school curriculum. Introductory training is provided in 20 different skills such as welding, electrical wiring, plumbing, carpentry, gardening and landscaping, health and hygiene, agriculture and food processing etc..

Girls and boys in the age group of 14 - 16 who are studying in secondary schools participate in these training programs. Full and partial scholarships are provided to the deserving participants.

Project Swadheen acts as a natural extension after the career counseling project and promotes employability and entrepreneurship. Please see a short film below.


Here Vaibhav and Bhargav learn the art of heavy metal welding. Vaibhav failed his 9th grade exams in school. He never liked sitting in classrooms and listening to theoretical lectures but loves the focus on practical skills.


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