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Community Leaders training program also exposes trainees to Balwadi (Nursery) Training. Picture shows Balwadi training class in progress
The program participants undertake practical training assignments during the day and attend the classes in the night.
Participatory training is the key to the success of Community Leadership training program. Several opportunities are given to the course participants to demonstrate their skills in putting across their point of view.
'Road play' is one of the important skills taught in the Community Leadership programs. A group of participants works on the Road Play assignment from identifying an issue, script writing, to actually conducting the road play in a community.
A brain storming session: Girls have consistently shown that they are natural leaders provided they get an opportunity to learn the skills.
The local police authorities conduct an information session for the women in the community. How to seek assistance from civil authorities is part of the Community Leadership training program.
A participant in Community Leadership training program welcoming the course coordinator, Mr. Vilas Sarmalkar. As a part of training process, the participants are required to actually organize events to hone their organizing and leadership skills.
Written and oral examination is conducted to select participants for the six-month Community Leadership program.
Local leaders are invited to interact with the participants. This provides an opportunity to know then as well as learn the leadership styles.
Participation in local events is part of the curriculum. Picture shows AIDS awareness rally in progress.


Pictures of Community Leadership training program for young men and women from local communities. Project Catalyst aims to equip youth from low-income communities to work as catalyst for community development, either through working with non-governmental organizations or government-assisted projects, or by establishing their own community development organizations.



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