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LAHI kids celebrate "Year of Astronomy - 2009"

2009 has been declared as a Year of Astronomy. Lend-A-Hand India organized summer workshops by introducing various simple but interesting experiments in astronomy. The goal was to demystify some concepts and increase curiosity and liking towards the subjects of mathematics and science.
The workshops were held in Gawadewadi, Hingangao, Bhivdi, Salumbre, Shindawane (Pune), Kem (Solapur), and Rahimatpur(Satara).

More than 250 girls and boys from seven schools participated in experiments. They learned how the earth completes one rotation around the sun in 24 hours, how solar eclipse happen and how the moon rotates, how sun images appear at nearer and far distances, and how to find North Pole location. Each experiment was followed by memory games.

Pictures from the Astrology Workshop

Solar Eclipse

Watching solar eclipse through Sunfilter

The theory of solar eclipse

Making of a mirror-ball to reflect the solar eclipse

Elders also enjoyed watching the solar eclipse

The inauguration of the workshop


Students watching the solar eclipse using protective Sunlight filters

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