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To contribute by check, please make payable to Lend-A-Hand India and mail to:
Lend-A-Hand India
9 Jeevan Vihar Society,
Off Senapati Bapat Road,
Near Pride Panorama,
Pune 411 016

To contribute by bank transfer, please write to us on LAHI@lend-a-hand-india.org for bank account details (India based donors only)


Lend-A-Hand India's Promise to the Donors

Every culture depends on philanthropy and nonprofit organizations to strenghten its civil society. Effective philanthropy and responsible nonprofit management are important doctrines for continued public confidence. Towards this end, we at Lend-A-Hand India assure the following rights to our donors:

1. Be informed about plans, programs, and methods that are funded by the dollars received as donations.

2. Be informed about the Lend-A-Hand India's Board, Executive Committee, Board of Advisors and their commitment and prudence.

3. Be informed that Lend-A-Hand India's plans, actions, and programs do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, caste, age, and gender.

4. Accessibility to Lend-A-Hand India's financial statements.

5. Contact or write to Lend-A-Hand India for information or with donation and program related questions.

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