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Lend A Hand India believes in combining on the ground experience with providing inputs for policy making to central and state government for vocational education, hence act as a bridge between top level policy formulation and ground level exection.

Our current Government parners (as of May 2016) include:
1. Rashtriya Madhymik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA-Maharashtra), Department of School Education, Gov of Maharashtra

2. Andhra Pradesh State Skill Development Corporation, Gov of Andhra Pradesh

3. Rashtriya Madhymik Shiksha Abhiyaan (RMSA-Gujarat), Department of School Education, Gov of Gujarat

Project Catalyst provides critical technical and program management support to state government departments and agencies to offer vocational education as part of the mainstream education in the state. Qualified staff member(s) deputed from Lend A Hand India are included in the program implementation team at the state level and help with program management.

Lend A Hand India undertakes the following activities as part of the support and capacity and team building of the State Governments:
1. Assist in preparing strategic long term roadmap for vocational education in secondary schools in the state
2. Help the state authorities to draft funding proposal and doing the preparatory work
3. Participate in the due diligence of the proposal by the government of India
4. Based on the approvals received, prepare the state level implementation plan which involves administrative and policy actions
5. Determination of key performance indicators, prepare templates for MIS and design solutions to get the required information
6. Provide the project management support including issue identification and resolution
7. Monitoring, tracking and third party evaluation
8. Laying foundation for the state's team building process









Vilas is a student from the tribal community with no exposure to city life and city schooling. His father was a poor farmer but he wanted Vilas to get some vocational training which was funded by Lend-A-Hand India

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