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  In partnership with three non-profit organizations, Lend-A-Hand India achieved the following results during 2004:

- 40 adolescent girls from slum communities in Mumbai successfully completed training in tailoring and tattoo making. Most of them are gainfully employed.

- 650 high-school students from five rural villages participated in a career counseling program which included aptitude testing and counseling. Being far from such facilities which are ordinarily available at urban locations, this was the first experience of its kind for the young rural boys and girls.

- 60 young men and women from low-income families in Mumbai completed a six-month community leadership program followed by an internship. Most of the graduates are now employed in community based organizations and some are in the process of starting their own organizations

Vocational training program encourages innovation and creativity in its students. Kasim Inamdar, a student, designed and built these domes as low-cost housing options that are also earthquake-proof.


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